Picture of a graphic syllabus

Graphic Syllabus Design

How can you design a syllabus that is a “better mousetrap,” a syllabus that is visual, verbal, and used by students?

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Picture of Rochelle Roberts

Active Learning Strategies

How can you build active learning into your course?

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A group of students engaged in a group discussion

Critical Thinking Skill Building

How can you help students develop critical thinking skills?

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A picture of UT students attending a lecture

Discussion for Deeper Thinking [Discussion Construction 1]

How can you design a classroom discussion that builds from simply knowing to analysis?

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Photo of Katie Dawson

Initiating Discussions [Discussion Construction 2]

How can you open discussion in the classroom and maximize student participation?

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Online Discussions Types

The Structure of Online Discussions

How can you structure online discussions that spark student engagement?

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Online Discussions Logistics

The Logistics of Online Discussions

What factors should you keep in mind as you design online discussion?

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Warming Class Climate Through Cold Calling

Technique for Increasing Student Participation

How can you use cold calling and maintain a warm classroom climate?

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How to Get Students Talking

Student Participation in Class Discussion

How can you get students talking and setting their own goals for class participation? 

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Picture of Marty Maas

Coaching Students How to Study

How can you help students create a system to support their success in your course?

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A professor holds an open notebook in front of his face and points to the ceiling as if making a point.

Instructor-Provided Notes

What are the pros and cons of providing all students with class notes?

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University of Michigan Prfoessor Alford Young

Classroom Discussion of Challenging Issues

How can you do create a classroom environment where students can discuss sensitive topics?

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I can't hear you

Captioning Your Video

Is there someone at UT that will caption my video content?

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A chalk-drawn dove flies off of an empty blackboard in an empty classroom

Responding to Disruptive or Threatening Behavior

How can you respond to disruptive or threatening behavior? 

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How to Manage a Dominant Student

Managing Dominant Students

What can you do to increase student participation when a student tends to dominate discussion?

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A photo of Professor Janet Rankin in front of her class

Mud Cards

How can I check on what my students are learning and where they might need help?

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MIT Professor Steven Hall watches students working at a chalkboard

Immediate Feedback

How can I know what students are learning while they are learning so I can provide immediate feedback?

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Screenshot of Badgr interface

Using Badges in Online Course Design

How do you motivate students in an asynchronous online course?

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A student is on their phone using Squarecap for a poll during class

Real-time Checks for Learning Using Squarecap

How can you and your students know what they are learning in the moment rather than at the end of a semester?

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A picture of a stained glass ceiling with the hand-cursor icon hovering over it

Real-Time Checks for Learning Using Clickable Images

How can you and your students know what they are learning in real-time?

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Professor Diane Dinitto in class

Real-Time Checks for Learning Using a One Minute Paper

How can you check what students are learning in real-time and create an opportunity for them to reflect?

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Picture of Jay Banner

Learning Portfolios

What’s an effective way to structure and assess learning portfolios?

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A picture of MIT students standing in two lines facing each other

Lightning Round

How can I engage more students in discussion in a large class?

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Professor Mark Andersland oversees group work

Using Groups to Individualize Learning

How can I individualize learning when I'm teaching a large class?

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Picture of a concept map

Large Class, Small Groups, Big Discussion: Concept Maps

How can you spark discussion in a large class?

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Student Engagement Strategies for Large Classes

How can you structure your classes to keep your students engaged in learnin

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Photo of Dr. Stephanie Holmsten

Group Quizzes Using Scratch-Off Cards

How can you use scratch-off cards in Team-Based Learning?

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Photo of Dr. Sekou Bermiss

Purpose and Narrative

How can you make course content come to life in a lecture?

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Photo of Dr. Kevin Cokely

Passionate Teaching

How can you make a lecture come alive?

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Photo of Dr. Calvin Lin

Interactive Lectures

How can I structure my lectures to involve students more actively?

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Verbal and visual diagram

Presentation Formatting & Pacing

What are some strategies I can use to create more effective presentations for my lectures? 

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Chunk it, Don't Chuck It (Your Lecture)

Chunk It, Don’t Chuck It (Your Lectures)

How can you structure student engagement and a sense of community in large-class lectures?

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