Active Engagement & Timely Feedback

In this quick tutorial, Dr. K. Sata Sathasivan talks about his experiences with creating active engagement in the classroom by using a classroom response system as a mechanism for providing students with real time feedback about what they do and don't understand.

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Multiple Choice Questions

Dr. Penne Restad presents tips about engineering your multiple choice questions to foster different levels of student discussion. 

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Photo of Dr. Stephanie Holmsten

Group Quizzes Using Scratch-Off Cards

Dr. Stephanie Holmsten outlines the utility in group quizzes administered through scratch-off sheets. 

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Photo of Dr. Sekou Bermiss

Purpose and Narrative

Dr. Sekou Bermiss gives a quick tip on leveraging the power of seemingly unrelated narratives to make dry content gripping. 

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Picture of a graphic syllabus

Graphic Syllabus

This short teaching tip features Dr. Jennifer Moon talking about the utility and potential time-saving properties of the graphic syllabus.

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Photo of Dr. Calvin Lin

Interactive Lectures

A few tips on how to make your lectures two-way learning experiences.

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Online Discussions Types

Creating Online Discussions: Types

In order to take advantage of the online format, discussion forum assignments need to be a bit more structured than in-class conversations with your students.

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Online Discussions Logistics

Creating Online Discussions: Logistics

In creating a discussion forum for your class, it is important to plan ahead and be aware of the general characteristics of online communication.

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One Minute Paper

There are so many different ways that we can gauge student learning. And one of the most important things is to gauge it in real-time.

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Picture of Jay Banner

How I Use Learning Portfolios

They have to propose a portfolio and they have to present that to their TA and have to have that approved. Then they give a status report halfway through the semester.

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Image of Professor David Laude

Why Student Self-Reflection is Critical to Inquiry

The student has to come to accept on some level, because they've thought about it themselves, ...why it is that you've written what you've written.

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