Photo of Dr. Sekou Bermiss

Purpose and Narrative

How can you make course content come to life in a lecture?

Dr. Sekou Bermiss gives a quick tip on making seemingly dry content come to life by leveraging the power of seemingly unrelated narratives.

Verbal and visual diagram

Presentation Formatting & Pacing

What are some strategies I can use to create more effective presentations for my lectures? 

This video explains five presentation strategies that can help you in designing effective presentations.

A professor holds an open notebook in front of his face and points to the ceiling as if making a point.

Instructor-Provided Notes

What are the pros and cons of providing all students with class notes?

This video presents the pros and cons of this practice and gives practical suggestions for addressing potential problems and issues.

Chunk it, Don't Chuck It (Your Lecture)

Chunk It, Don't Chuck It (Your Lectures)

How can you structure student engagement and a sense of community in large-class lectures?

Dr. Corley Brooke builds on learning theory to explain how she structures lectures to increase student learning and a develop community in a large class.