University of Michigan Prfoessor Alford Young

Classroom Discussion of Challenging Issues

How can you do create a classroom environment where students can discuss sensitive topics?

Dr. Alford Young of the University of Michigan explains the strategies he uses to cultivate a safe classroom environment where students can explore challenging ideas.

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How to Get Students Talking

Student Participation in Class Discussion

How can you get students talking and setting their own goals for class participation? 

Dr. Anne Braseby explains a technique to help your students reflect on their participation in discussion and its importance to learning.

Chunk it, Don't Chuck It (Your Lecture)

Chunk It, Don't Chuck It (Your Lectures)

How can you structure student engagement and a sense of community in large-class lectures?

Dr. Corley Brooke builds on learning theory to explain how she structures lectures to increase student learning and a develop community in a large class.