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Screenflow: Screen Capture + Video Editing Made Easy for Mac

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Note: ScreeenFlow ONLY RUNS ON MAC. If you are a PC user, you will have to use a different application for screencapturing and video editing.


ScreenFlow is an easy application to use for both screencapturing and video editing. For anyone that misses iMovie HD from the late 2000s, ScreenFlow is the salve for that itch for a simple, great editing platform. 

For those of you Mac users who have never used an editing application of any kind (and the current version of iMovie doesn't do it for you—does it for anyone?) ScreenFlow would be a great introduction for you. 

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Download a trial of ScreenFlow.
OR Contact us to schedule some time in the FIC Catalyst Lab for a hands-on trial there.

Recording Video on your Laptop

Create Short Videos Using the Canvas Rich Content Editor

Above is a general video about the Rich Content Editor. 

The Rich Content Editor is the toolbar where you find often-used tools and features. You will recognize this rich content editor as it resembles the toolbar from almost any application that you've used. The Rich Content Editor in Canvas gives you access to the Media Recorder, which will enable you to record audio or video directly into your Canvas course wherever you see the Rich Content Editor. Which is virtually everywhere in Canvas. 

Below is a specific tutorial about the Media Recorder. 

I can't hear you

Captioning Your Video

If you’re posting video in a public forum, your video content must be captioned by law: Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act requires all media used or purchased by public agencies receiving federal/state funds be accessible. This also applies to online videos. Not only does captioning videos ensure UT is in compliance with federal legislation, it also ensures that everyone has access to the content.

Closed Captioning IconThe UT Libraries offers captioning and transcription service for FREE to instructors who need course materials captioned.
—OR— For students who request captioning for course materials that are not already captioned. This captioning is done manually by human beings, which makes the accuracy rate very high.

For all other customers and projects, captioning services are $1.00 per minute.

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Be sure to check all transcriptions done by YouTube! 
YouTube transcriptions have improved quite a bit in the past couple years. That said, be sure to check their work.

Resources IconRequest captioning or for more information, contact the Captioning & Transcription Services.