A picture of MIT students standing in two lines facing each other

Lightning Round

How can I engage more students in discussion in a large class?
Prof. Janet Rankin of MIT explains a technique to engage all students in discussion and discusses its benefits and limitations.

Professor Mark Andersland oversees group work

Using Groups to Individualize Learning

How can I individualize learning when I'm teaching a large class?
Prof. Mark Andersland of the University of Iowa explains how he redesigned his large lecture engineering course to include active learning, frequent checks during learning, and immediate feedback to increase student engagement and learning.

Picture of a concept map

Large Class, Small Groups, Big Discussion: Concept Maps

How can you spark discussion in a large class?

Dr. Meme Drumwright explains how she uses concept maps to create opportunities for student discussion in her large class.

Student Engagement Strategies for Large Classes

How can you structure your classes to keep your students engaged in learning?

Dr. Thad Polk from the University of Michigan discusses strategies such as demonstrations and videos for engaging students in large gateway classes.

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