A photo of Professor Janet Rankin in front of her class

Mud Cards

How can I check on what my students are learning and where they might need help?

Prof. Janet Rankin of MIT explains how to use a simple, low-barrier technique to get student input on possible areas of confusion.

MIT Professor Steven Hall watches students working at a chalkboard

Immediate Feedback

How can I know what students are learning while they are learning so I can provide immediate feedback?
Prof. Steven Hall of MIT explains and demonstrates how to gain information about what his students are learning and give them feedback for immediate use.

Screenshot of Badgr interface

Using Badges in Online Course Design

How do you motivate students in an asynchronous online course?

Ben Bays, an instructor in the Department of Radio, Television, and Film talks about engaging students and motivating to go above and beyond standard course requirements through the use of online badging application. 

In Ben's case, he's using a application called Badgr. 

Badgr integrates seamlessly with Canvas and is easy to set up. There are both free and paid PRO versions. 

Resources IconLearn more about Badgr here.
Learn how to activate Badgr in your Canvas course here.

A student is on their phone using Squarecap for a poll during class

Real-time Checks for Learning Using Squarecap

How can you and your students know what they are learning in the moment rather than at the end of a semester?

Dr. K. Sata Sathasivan explains how he uses a classroom response system (Squarecap) to provide almost instant feedback on what students are learning.

A picture of a stained glass ceiling with the hand-cursor icon hovering over it

Real-Time Checks for Learning Using Clickable Images

How can you and your students know what they are learning in real-time?

Dr. Jorge Taboada explains how he uses a classroom response system (Poll Everywhere) to check what students are learning and spark discussion.

Feature image by Delfi De La Rua

Professor Diane Dinitto in class

Real-Time Checks for Learning Using a One Minute Paper

How can you check what students are learning in real-time and create an opportunity for them to reflect?

Dr. Diane Dinitto explains how and why to use the one-minute paper as a quick, easy, and useful window into student learning.

Picture of Jay Banner

Learning Portfolios

What’s an effective way to structure and assess learning portfolios?

Dr. Jay Banner explains the benefits of structuring learning portfolio assessment with more than a final due date.