If you’re posting video in a public forum, your video content must be captioned by law: Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act requires all media used or purchased by public agencies receiving federal/state funds be accessible. This also applies to online videos. Not only does captioning videos ensure UT is in compliance with federal legislation, it also ensures that everyone has access to the content.

Closed Captioning IconThe UT Libraries offers captioning and transcription service for FREE to instructors who need course materials captioned.
—OR— For students who request captioning for course materials that are not already captioned. This captioning is done manually by human beings, which makes the accuracy rate very high.

For all other customers and projects, captioning services are $1.00 per minute.

Warning Icon

Be sure to check all transcriptions done by YouTube! 
YouTube transcriptions have improved quite a bit in the past couple years. That said, be sure to check their work.

Resources IconRequest captioning or for more information, contact the Captioning & Transcription Services.