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A photo of Professor Janet Rankin in front of her class

Mud Cards

How can I check on what my students are learning and where they might need help?

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A picture of MIT students standing in two lines facing each other

Lightning Round

How can I engage more students in discussion in a large class?

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Professor Mark Andersland oversees group work

Using Groups to Individualize Learning

How can I individualize learning when I'm teaching a large class?

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MIT Professor Steven Hall watches students working at a chalkboard

Immediate Feedback

How can I know what students are learning while they are learning so I can provide immediate feedback?

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Screenflow Logo

Screenflow: Screen Capture + Video Editing Made Easy for Mac

ScreenFlow is an easy application to use for both screencapturing and video editing. For anyone that misses iMovie HD from the late 2000s, ScreenFlow is the salve for that itch for a simple, great editing platform. 

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Screenshot of Badgr interface

Using Badges in Online Course Design

How do you motivate students in an asynchronous online course?

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Clipular Logo

Clipular: A Chrome Browser Plugin that Captures Screenshots and Entire Web Pages

Clipular is a plugin for the Chrome Web Browser. This makes it platform agnostic (Windows, Apple, or Linux)

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Photo of students answering a polling question with their phones

Classroom Response Systems in use at UT

A review of all classroom response systems was conducted at UT in 2016. Three products emerged as viable choices for instructors at UT.

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