Step 1: Create and/or Configure an Assignment to Run a Turnitin Plagiarism Report

Open the Assignments tab [1] and create an assignment [2] one of two ways. (Or you can click the “Edit” button [3] on an existing assignment.)


Under the control for [1] “Submission Type”, make sure to change “Online” or “No Submission” to [2] “External Tool” from the [3] drop-down menu.


Select the [1] “Find” button to select an external tool.


Scroll through the external tool list and select [1] “Turnitin LTI” and then the [2] blue select button. If you would like to the Turnitin interface to launch outside of the Canvas environment, select the checkbox for [3] “Load in a new tab.”



Finally, click the “Save” button if you are editing a published assignment or the “Save & Publish” button if you creating a new assignment. 





Step 2: Configuring Your Turnitin Assignment within Turnitin

After saving your Turnitin Assignment, you will see a dashboard for this assignment that includes [1] content display.

The default tab will be [2] Assignment Inbox, where you will see a list of papers that have been submitted (none here as this assignment has just been created). Next to the Assignment Inbox tab is the [3] Settings tab for configuring this assignment within Turnitin. 

In the right margin, you will see [4] “Edit Assignment Settings” button and a shortcut button [5] to Speedgrader for this assignment.


When you open the Settings Tab, you will be able to fine-tune configuration of your Turnitin assignment, such as [1] start date, due date, and feedback release date. The [2] Optional Settings link will give you a plethora of options. 


Step 3: What You Will See Next

After clicking on the link to your Turnitin Assignment [steps 1 and 2]


you will see a button to load Turnitin into a new window.


The Turnitin Dashboard will open up. Here you will see a list of students who have submitted work along with links [1] to view their papers in the Turnitin application. You also have access to functions [2] for each paper such as a snapshot of their similarity match, download, and delete.


Step 4: What Students Will See When Submitting a Turnitin Assignment

From the Student Perspective: Your students will see a message that they must acknowledge by checking in order to submit their assignment.


Step 5: How Turnitin Assignments Appear in the Canvas Gradebook

You will see pink message indicators [1] that will appear automatically when Turnitin has finished checking each of your student’s submissions. (Their submissions will be checked as they are turned in by the students.)

You can also check Turnitin results in Speedgrader, by clicking the drop-down menu [2] and selecting “Speedgrader.” (Screenshot below.)



You can access the Turnitin report from the upper right corner of Speedgrader, again, by clicking on the pink message box.


Step 6: The Turnitin Interface

In the upper left, you will see [1] the course and assigment information.

Below that, you will see [2] a toggle switch that enables you to select between Turnitin features. The Originality feature shows a summary report of the students’ papers, a GradeMark feature which enables instructors to annotate the paper and leave private feedback for the student, and a PeerMark feature, which enables instructors to view student peer review graders (UT-Austin does not currently have a license for this feature.)

In the lower left, you have access to [3] the Submission Summary, [4] download and printing options, and [5] magnification of the student paper.

In the lower right, you have [6] sources view (a breakdown of matching sources that have not been properly cited), [7] a filters and settings panel used to refine your plagiarism scan, and [8] a list of excluded sources (for which no scan of this assignment will be conducted).There is also a text-only report [9] available for faculty and students who are using screen-readers.

Moving up the interface on the right, we have [10] a list of sources for which there was a match in similar content that was not cited properly.

Finally, there is [11] a paper/student selector that will enable you to move through your student papers for this assignment without having to leave the Turnitin interface.