Warning IconNote: We recommend to all faculty to communicate with your TAs when you are reporting final grades. Otherwise, they may make adjustments to the Canvas gradebook that will not be reflected in the final grade reported to the Registrar’s office.

Step 1: Access Course Settings

Open Settings Tab in your course (1) and (2) click on the “Course Details” tab.


Step 2: Enable Course Grading Scheme

Next to Grading Scheme on the Course Details Tab, mark the checkbox (1) on the menu item “Enable Course Grading Scheme” and then (2) click the “Update Course Details” button.


Warning IconNote: The Registrar’s Grade Submission System requires a letter grade. If you do not perform this step, you will receive an error message when you try to upload your gradebook .csv file because there won’t be any letter grades in this file!




Open Grades in your course navigation and look at your Gradebook. You should now see a faint letter grades next to each student’s final grade percentage.

Confirm Grade Scheme change

Resources IconIf you would like to edit your grade scheme, check out Instructure’s tutorials:

Step 3: Download Scores .CSV

In your Gradebook, select the Export button in the upper right corner of the interface. You may have a choice between current or previous exported gradebooks, select accordingly.


In your downloads folder, or whatever default location your downloads are directed to, you should see your downloaded .csv file.

Confirm .csv download

Step 4: Access Registrar’s Submission Website

Log in to the Registrar’s Grade Submission Website.


Step 5: Select Course Unique

You should be automatically taken to the grade submission page when you log in. If not, (1) click on the link in the left navigation bar. Then (2) select the unique number for the course for which you wish to upload your grade .csv file.


Warning IconNote: If you have cross-listed several of your course uniques/sections, just select the primary course’s unique number and submit your .csv file to for that unique. This will also submit student grades for all secondary/cross-listed course sections.

Open grade submission panel

Step 6: Select .CSV File

Click the “choose file” button (1) and select .csv file from downloads folder. Then (2) click the upload button to upload the .csv file to the Registrar’s site.

Upload .csv file

You will see a browser message asking you if you’re saved your file as a comma-delimited text-file, click the OK button as your .csv file is already comma-delimited. 

Reminder message

After clicking the upload button, you will be able to monitor the progress of the upload (1) and when you see the “upload successful” message, (2) click on the course unique to confirm that grades have been properly uploaded.

You may see a status that reads “upload in progress, click to update,” which you can click to update uploading progress.

Monitor upload progress

Step 8: Review Grade Submission Results

Confirm that grades have been properly uploaded by spot checking several students throughout the course roster.

(Student names & EIDs have been blurred here for protection of student data.)

If there are any discrepancies, you can manually change or enter grades in this interface.

Warning IconNote: If you are importing a .csv file that contains a course with multiple sections, your students’ grade information will include the unique number of the section for which they originally registered.  

Confirm grades import

Step 8: Submit Grade

Don’t forget to communicate with your TAs that you have submitted final grades!

Click Submit.