Note: Only the Instructor of Record as designated by the Registrar’s Office may cross-list their courses.

Cross-listing requires that one section become the primary section, which will host all the content and assignments for all your cross-listed sections/courses. The secondary sections will plug into that primary section, but as the instructor you will still be able to administer individual sections.

What the Instructor Can Expect…

  • Will only see primary section in Canvas
  • Can filter out individual sections in the gradebook
  • Can assign TAs as graders for specific sections only
  • Can designate different assignment due dates for individual sections
  • Can configure student groups to be created within sections

What Students Can Expect…

  • Students will see the primary section only (even if they are registered for a different section) Note: students will always remain in their original sections behind-the-scenes.
  • Seamless integration between original section and primary section


How to Cross-list Your Sections or Courses (Using Merge Courses App)

Step 1: Access the Merge Courses App

The Merge Courses App is located on the Canvas Log In Page:, in the upper right corner under “Merge Courses.”

Then log in to the app using your EID and password.

Step 2: Select Primary Course/Section


Click on the link for the section that you wish to designate at the primary section.

Step 3: Select Secondary Course(s)/Section(s)


Under the section that you have designated as your primary section (1), check the box or boxes of the sections that you wish to be (2) the secondary section(s) for that primary course. Then click (3) Save Selection.

PLEASE NOTE: Cross-listing can take up to eight hours to process as the data-base is updated about every eight hours.

Step 4: Review Your Cross-listing Request


Review your request to make sure that you have selected the correct (1) primary course and the correct (2) secondary course(s) or section(s).

If the secondary courses are incorrect, you can click the blue De-cross-list link to undo your work.

Step 5: Specify Section Visibility

If you are cross-listing multiple sections of a course that do not meet at the same time, in order to maintain FERPA compliance, you must select “Isolate Sections” from the following menu (pictured below). This will isolate your cross-listed sections so that the students in these sections cannot see or contact one another anywhere in Canvas.



Step 6: Logoff the Cross-listing App


In the upper right hand corner, click the Logoff button.

Cross-listing Courses with Different Instructors

You can have multiple courses from multiple instructors cross-listed by submitting your request here.