A photo of Professor Janet Rankin in front of her class

Mud Cards

How can I check on what my students are learning and where they might need help?

Prof. Janet Rankin of MIT explains how to use a simple, low-barrier technique to get student input on possible areas of confusion.

A picture of MIT students standing in two lines facing each other

Lightning Round

How can I engage more students in discussion in a large class?
Prof. Janet Rankin of MIT explains a technique to engage all students in discussion and discusses its benefits and limitations.

Professor Mark Andersland oversees group work

Using Groups to Individualize Learning

How can I individualize learning when I'm teaching a large class?
Prof. Mark Andersland of the University of Iowa explains how he redesigned his large lecture engineering course to include active learning, frequent checks during learning, and immediate feedback to increase student engagement and learning.

MIT Professor Steven Hall watches students working at a chalkboard

Immediate Feedback

How can I know what students are learning while they are learning so I can provide immediate feedback?
Prof. Steven Hall of MIT explains and demonstrates how to gain information about what his students are learning and give them feedback for immediate use.

Screenflow Logo

Screenflow: Screen Capture + Video Editing Made Easy for Mac

Warning Icon
Note: ScreeenFlow ONLY RUNS ON MAC. If you are a PC user, you will have to use a different application for screencapturing and video editing.


ScreenFlow is an easy application to use for both screencapturing and video editing. For anyone that misses iMovie HD from the late 2000s, ScreenFlow is the salve for that itch for a simple, great editing platform. 

For those of you Mac users who have never used an editing application of any kind (and the current version of iMovie doesn't do it for you—does it for anyone?) ScreenFlow would be a great introduction for you. 

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Download a trial of ScreenFlow.
OR Contact us to schedule some time in the FIC Catalyst Lab for a hands-on trial there.

Screenshot of Badgr interface

Using Badges in Online Course Design

How do you motivate students in an asynchronous online course?

Ben Bays, an instructor in the Department of Radio, Television, and Film talks about engaging students and motivating to go above and beyond standard course requirements through the use of online badging application. 

In Ben's case, he's using a application called Badgr. 

Badgr integrates seamlessly with Canvas and is easy to set up. There are both free and paid PRO versions. 

Resources IconLearn more about Badgr here.
Learn how to activate Badgr in your Canvas course here.

Clipular Logo

Clipular: A Chrome Browser Plugin that Captures Screenshots and Entire Web Pages

Clipular is a plugin for the Chrome Web Browser. This makes it platform agnostic (Windows, Apple, or Linux). 

Clipular offers the following features:

  • Screen capture, share & bookmark
  • Source links, page titles, texts are captured at the same time
  • Annotate Screenshots
  • Tag, search and filter screenshots 
  • Compatible with mobile devices


Want to install the plugin in your Chrome Browser? Go here to get the plugin.Resources Icon

Photo of students answering a polling question with their phones

Classroom Response Systems in use at UT

Review Details

REVIEW PERIOD: Spring 2016 & Fall 2016

CONDUCTED BY: Instructional Technology/Instructional Design Staff

PROJECT SPONSOR: Faculty Innovation Center

USER GROUPS SURVEYED: UT Instructors and UT Undergraduate Students


Poll Everywhere Logo

Poll Everywhere

PRICE : Free for classes less than 40 Students | Students $14/year OR Instructors $349/semester

• Easy Set Up and Use
• Can be used with participants who do not have a UT EID
• Integration with Canvas is tricky, but not impossible

Square Cap Logo and Link to Website


PRICE: Free to Instructors | Students $10/semester or $15/year or $40/4 years

• Excellent, on-campus support
•  Super easy set up and use for instructors and students
•  Very easy integration with Canvas

Top Hat Logo and Link to Website

Top Hat

PRICING: Free to Instructors | Students $26/semester or $38/year or $75/4 years*

•  Robust feature set
•  App for mobile + browser access
•  Easy integration with Canvas

*Student pricing can be reduced to free with instructor subscription to other Top Hat services.

Link to Zoom Tutorial

Zoom: Free & Easy Video-Conferencing

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a FREE video conferencing tool that allows you to host and record virtual meetings, conferences, break-out groups, office hours, and more. As with any application, Zoom offers a paid version that have more features as well. Zoom also offers free apps that one can download to their phone or laptop so that they can be a participant in a meeting. 

Direct Links to Topics in this Video [All will take you to YouTube]:

Resources Icon Want to try Zoom? Check out their website.

A student is on their phone using Squarecap for a poll during class

Real-time Checks for Learning Using Squarecap

How can you and your students know what they are learning in the moment rather than at the end of a semester?

Dr. K. Sata Sathasivan explains how he uses a classroom response system (Squarecap) to provide almost instant feedback on what students are learning.