Upload Video to a YouTube Channel

Sharing video content with students doesn't have to happen in the Canvas environment alone. You can create your own private channel on YouTube that you can restrict or allow access to as you see fit. A couple things to consider:  You'll be limited to video lengths of 15 minutes with a free account.  If you are embedding video from your YouTube channel into your Canvas course, you are…

Setting Up a YouTube Channel

Remember, you can create an unlisted channel in YouTube. This means that a person who might want to view your content would have to know the exact URL (web address) of each of your videos in order to view. The chances of that happening are equal to one's chances of finding a wormhole in the last stall of the men's room at the Dairy Queen on Manor Road. 

Embedding Video from YouTube

While this video is talking specifically about embedding video from YouTube into blogs, this also applies to embedding video in a Canvas Page.  You will find that the "Share Button" and "Embed Code" are standardized features in most current websites. The next time you're watching a video, look for the Share button. Chances are, one will be there. 

Zoom: Free & Easy Video-Conferencing

What is Zoom? Zoom is a FREE video conferencing tool that allows you to host and record virtual meetings, conferences, break-out groups, office hours, and more. As with any application, Zoom offers a paid version that have more features as well. Zoom also offers free apps that one can download to their phone or laptop so that they can be a participant in a meeting.  Direct Links to Topics in…

Create Video Content Using Camtasia

Camtasia is a platform agnostic (works on PC & Mac) video capturing and editing application that enables users to create elegant videos with little or no prior editing experience. Cost: Free to try, $199    

Student Engagement Strategies for Large Classes

How can you structure your classes to keep your students engaged in learning? Dr. Thad Polk from the University of Michigan discusses strategies such as demonstrations and videos for engaging students in large gateway classes. View and download a written summary of the topics covered in this video. 

Classroom Discussion of Challenging Issues

How can you do create a classroom environment where students can discuss sensitive topics? Dr. Alford Young of the University of Michigan explains the strategies he uses to cultivate a safe classroom environment where students can explore challenging ideas. Download a PDF of the major points presented in this video.     

Adding Video to Powerpoint Presentations

Powerpoint 2016 - Mac & Windows If you don't currently own a copy of MS Office 2016, all UT instructors, staff, and students can download it for free here.     Don't want to upgrade? No problem. Below is a tutorial for Powerpoint 2013. Powerpoint 2013 - Mac & Windows Adding video to Powerpoint with this version of Powerpoint—that is to say embedding video from…

10 Tips for Creating Effective Powerpoint Presentations

The following was taken from a blog post on tekhnologic, it does a wonderful job at aggregating the conventional wisdom surrounding the creation and presentation of Powerpoint presentations. Tip #1 – Keep it Simple Keep it simple. The best advice you will ever get when it comes to presentations. Yes, PowerPoint comes with default themes and wide array of transitions and animations but don’t let…

Windows: 7 Tips & Tricks

OS Version: Windows 10 (some features available since Windows 7) Topics covered in this video: Aero Shake SMS via Cortana Extended Right Click Menu Additional Mouse Tricks Quick Launch App Enable Email Notifications Easy Access to Special Characters