The term dates in Canvas will be concluded approximately three weeks after the end of each semester, including summer sessions.

After a course’s term date has been ended, the following happens:

  • Students CANNOT participate in interactive course features such as Discussion Boards or reply to Announcements,
  • Students CANNOT upload work for assignments
  • Students CANNOT email other students
  • Students CAN email instructors
  • Students CAN download their uploaded homework files from assignments and course material files
  • Course will appear in Past Enrollments of the “View All or Customize” page in the courses menu. (See below.)



For instructors, the following will happen:

  • Instructors CANNOT create Announcements or Discussions
  • Instructors CANNOT publish or unpublish modules, pages, files, or assignments
  • Instructors CANNOT email students from Canvas
  • Instructors CAN email other instructors and TAs
  • Instructors CAN download student work from assignments
  • Course will appear in Past Enrollments of the “View All or Customize” page in the courses drop-down menu. (See above.)

To regain the functionality of the disabled features listed above, you must contact the UT Service Desk and request access to extend your course term date.

After this access has been granted:



Go to your course Settings (1) and then enter a new end date (2). This new end date can be a date as far in the future as you wish.


If you do not want your students to be able to access the course content, you can hide content areas like Files, Modules, and Assignments. To learn how to do this, view the tutorial Navigation: Controlling Student Access to Course Content.




Don’t forget to click the “Update Course Settings” button at the bottom of the page when you’re finished.